Terms & conditions


A fee of £25 will secure your booking and should be paid immediately which will be deducted from your final balance. This is non refundable.

A 50% deposit should be paid at least two months prior to boarding with the final balance paid two weeks before boarding.

If you cancel your booking 14 days prior to boarding, your 50% deposit and booking fee will not be refunded

If you cancel your booking less than 14 days prior to your boarding date then no monies will be refunded.

For all Easter and summer holiday bookings  we require 50% payment at point of booking, this includes your £25 booking fee. We require full payment for all Christmas bookings.

Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Years Day are charged at double rate.

Bank transfer details are on your booking form.




Please send a photocopy when you book and pay booking fee.


No pets showing signs of illness or infestation will be accepted.

If on arrival, your pet requires urgent Cleaning/grooming, we will do so at an additional charge of £15.

If your pet were to become unwell during their stay with us we will inform you and consult our local vet.

We will transport them to the vets free and charge £15.00 per vet visit after that.

All consultation and treatment costs will be met by you, on your return and your pet treated under your name and address.

All pre existing medical conditions and history must be given, so we can ensure the best care. Vet visits for pre existing conditions will incur a £15 charge per vet visit.

In the sad event of a death we will contact you and or your emergency contact. Your pet will be in the care of the vet until your arrival or in the care of your emergency contact, who will be contacted.

We accept no liability in the event that your pet becomes ill or in the event of their death whilst staying with us at Furry Friends Boarding and advise you that all pets are left entirely at owners’ risk.


We also accept no liability for injury sustained by you whilst on our premises.

We ask you to sign to agree to our terms and conditions before leaving your pet with us.


Abandoned Pets

In the event that your pet is not collected on the date agreed and we are unable to contact you via contact details given to us, we will re-home your pet after seven days have lapsed and charge you for additional boarding costs.

And Finally!

Your pet will be in safe hands with us and the terms and conditions are set to enable us to board your pets with peace of mind.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jacqui Morris

12 Marlborough Park Avenue, Sidcup, DA159DJ


Updated Jan 2020

Privacy policy

On behalf of: Furry Friends Boarding, owner Jacqui Morris,

12 Marlborough Park Avenue, Sidcup, DA159DJ


Use and Storage of your information


Any personal information received via online enquiry form, paper form or email, will be treated with the strictest confidence and stored by us in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We use your information to enable a booking to be made, an invoice generated and to maintain contact with you before and whilst your pet is in our care and retained for future bookings. This includes name, address, email and telephone number. Full details of your pets are required to enable us to care for them appropriately. By completing our online enquiry form or emailing us regarding our service, you are agreeing to Furry Friends Boarding storing your personal data as per our privacy policy. We will not use any of your information for marketing purposes and will not forward on to any other party excepting a vet, if your pet were to become unwell and veterinary care were needed for them.


Your rights


Please contact us, if you wish to withdraw consent to your data being stored by us. If you have any complaints regarding the storage of your personal data by please contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).